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Patricia dreams of establishing a regular routine of a before noon walk, three days a week (Mon., Fri. and Sun.) and taking a morning Pilates class two times a week (Tues. and Thurs.); working up over time (how long not specifiable at this time) to taking long hikes


I am walking with barely a hitch in my considerably lengthened and less arthritically challenged stride to shop for healthy food at the Isla Vista markets. This, on the way home from having spent a good amount of time drafting poems and/or writing down insights, and enjoying the view, the ocean sounds and air, the honey bees in the bushes weighting the lavender blooms, the wispy clouds, the cawing of crows, the droning of private planes, the various people and their pets coming and going, and more at the beach overlook park to which I walked earlier. I am able to raise my legs readily now in the Pilates class, as my leg muscles have strenthened considerably (due to weight loss as well).


I feel invigorated, strong, capable, and delighted to be out and about on yet another beautiful day. I feel privileged and grateful. I feel at home on this earth and in my body.


– to maintain my independence – to enjoy nature – to enjoy my body – to give my self-respect a firm foundation


Encouragement and enthusiasm. And when I hit resistance inside myself (which I may very well do) compassionate inquiry as to what may be going on.


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