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Practising Dentistry


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-I know what the feel for denistry would be like from the 1st 10 years ----- it would mean diagnosing the tooth , x-rays , opening the tooth if it needed a root canal and filing the canals and etcetera or prepping the teeth for crowns or bridges --fillings and filling preparations ---extractions working on those root tips etc --I would come home and not want to be a robot or come home not to an empty house --also taking impressions for the crowns etc pay my bills my rent my lab my supplies --my assistant and front desk that value --pay my taxes ---interasct with the clients patients whom should be greatful ,what I would feel is I have a skill to put to good use --- --interesting job ---I would need to connect with the lab as all my preps of 10 years were good--- no communication with the lab man ---the preps were all good --some of the crowns and bridge fit poorly but I was there technically with the preps endo etc ---getting the supplies --scaler for cleanings -

Please note that this section is not finished and awaits completion. Any help you care to offer in completing this section is very welcome

The feelings and the emotions are that I hear the hiss of the air escape from the drill--the hissing of the foot pedal as I preass the foot pedal --che che ---then the whine of the drill---I see the white tile floor out of the corner of my eye --the dental assistant jumps into place --I gently brush the tooth and shape it with the high torque diamond bur --the air is clear and crisp --the ceiling lights are good --I hear the assistant suction the water and air from the drill --I feel the slight vibration and hum of the drill as it turns and feel the weight of it on my middle finger knuckel and again I shape another tooth as if the diamond bur was a brush --the patient is relaxed

i feel clear and exhilarated --I feel the tray in my hand to make the impression and hold it firmely the counting of the drying time is silent in my mind --I see the gloves on my hands and see the window nearby as I wait another minute I feel the pluck of the impression try as it snaps out --another perfect impression I see the crisp sharp margens in reverse in the mold

i then see myself hop on my bike and go home to my spacious apartment and be with my wife I feel her arms around me--she / they take off thier blouse automatically and their pants etcetera

another part of the dream is to have success in all I do --I see myself in one with God
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