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Peaceful Communication


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Peaceful Communication

A sub-division of Dream Sharing devoted to sharing the principles and practice of Nonviolent Communication.

Currently Peaceful Communication is operating a teaching practice group in Goleta, CA and has a dream of offering a similar on in North Santa Barbara County.

I see myself with seven to nine people in a room with a candle burning in a quite peaceful room. I am amazed at how We all learn and practice the principles of NVC. I hear myself and other sharing things which wee feel frightened to share with other people. We all feel warm and accepted at the way our vulnerability is receives.

At the end of the session we all have feelings of warmth and gratitude as our needs for learning, acceptance and connection, empathy have been met and we express our gratitude in significant ways. I receive support to enable me to meet my needs associated with living my chosen life-style,

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Achieving Satisfaction by Sharing Dreams and Needs.

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