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My dream about a book titled "Organic, Organic, Organic"

The soft-cover book will include some recipes, which are "tried and truely delicious and healthful"

One chapter will address the importance of ORGANIC - SOOO good for you AND Mother Earth

Another chapter be "Please say NO to orange cheese". If no one buys it, they will no longer make it. 'Never met a cow that gave orange milk

Another chapter will be about " Please don't peel the carrots (or potatoes and so on"

Then there will be a chapter on how to add wheat germ, oat bran and other healthful ingredients to meat loaf, soups, breads, etc.

Don't boil anything (but perhaps coddled or hard-boiled eggs) - steam, sauté, bake, roast, using low/slow heat

NEVER USE A MICROWAVE to cook anything, or even boil water. The only thing it is good for is to sanitize sponges, etc. Ideally-Eat as much raw, organic, local, fresh produce as possible - the greener, the better

Please note that this section is not finished and awaits completion. Any help you care to offer in completing this section is very welcome

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