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Matthew attends a Bay Area NVC Training


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Matthew's Dream of attending a Bay Area NVC Training

As a step towards filling my dream I am planning to attend BayNVC’s North American Leadership Program. I am also going to share my work and create partnerships in Europe (Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands) and North America. I plan to attend other trainings in the process: the Landelijkedag and related meetings at the Sociocratisch Centrum Nederlands, a 3 day trainer's gathering in Steyersberg, and possibly training with Robert Gonzales, Susan Skye, and Towe Widstrand. I also want to attend the International Democratic Education Conference (both in BC) and a mediation training with John Kinyon, etc.

I am dreaming of myself being able to participate more fully in the BayNVC Leadership Program as I listen to the trainings in two of their intensives. I start the trip by stepping into the plane and sense a jerk as it takes off. I spend the flight comfortable and rested meditating on the needs met by this experience and imagining how I might apply the learning and support to fulfill my dreams at home in Africa. I'm imagining much warmth and connection with loads of people (reunions with old friends, meetings with people who I've known only over the phone or by mail, and many new faces), lots of hugs, and warm handshakes. I'm picturing myself being in trainings - learning and growing by the moment - having great alertness and taking in lots of information. I experience the opportunity to contribute and receive in diverse situations and celebrate the interconnectedness of this worldwide community. I'm imagining myself having playful and enriching conversations with others who long for the same sort of world as me, I'm imagining meeting key people who long to contribute in Africa and shaking their hands. When the plane touches down back in Africa I dream of seeing the world in a whole new way filled with new inspiration and competence, and with the support to throw myself fully into my vision.

Imagining this I feel joyful, happy, excited, and full of celebration.

Because it meets my needs for learning, connection, community, spiritual clarity, celebration, support, companionship, growth, and contribution to life.

Would you be willing to contribute money or air miles to wards the $ 8 000 - 10 000 I will need undertake this trip? If you are willing please contact Judith.

You may contact me directly by e-mailing me.

Signed, Matthew Rich,East London,South Africa

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