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Dream Sharing,

a way of increasing satisfaction with life


Dream Sharing is a process which assists participants (Dreamers) to experience more satisfaction in their lives by investigating and manifesting their dreams. They follow their dreams by focusing on making them come true. At the same time, by investigating the nature of their dream they get more understanding of their inner drives, their needs. Both these processes lead to more satisfaction with their lives.

The Dream Sharing Process

In the Dream Sharing Process, the person working this path, the dreamer, becomes clear on the nature of their dream. Dream Sharing provides support and encouragement for bringing their particular dream to life. The Dream Sharing Process encourages the Dreamer to call on the surrounding community for support and fosters a sense of mutual community and encourages socialization. As the dreamer investigates the nature of the dream and their inner motivation, other ways may become visible which may allow the dreamer to satisfy their inner urges in an easier way than initially anticipated.

Frequently pursuit of the dream is blocked by apparent difficulties, blocks; these blockages are the result of false perceptions of reality based on current or past circumstances. Typically these difficulties are expressed by beliefs like ‘I can't do it’, ‘I don't have enough money’, ‘I don't have enough time ’ etc. The Dream Sharing process incorporates a methodology for dissipating and overcoming these blocks. The chief method used is by receiving Empathy as defined in Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

In the final stages of the Dream Sharing process, the Dreamer is encouraged to get in touch with the nature of their ‘heart's desires.' ('Needs' as described by NVC). In recognizing and taking owner ship (i.e. accepting) their ‘heart's desires’ the Dreamer moves even closer to satisfaction for they also get nearer to recognizing the individual purpose and meaning of their life. Having recognized it and become aware of it, The Dreamer is in a powerful position to express their 'heart's desires' [or are you referring to purpose and meaning in this sentence?] more often in their daily life, bringing ever more satisfaction to theirself and others.

Essentially the Dream Sharing process encourages a person to become more ‘authentic’ by getting in touch with their heart's desire, their fundamental nature, and to make their contribution to the world around them. In this process they become more alive and more authentic. The ‘dream’ they expressed as they started Dream Sharing is used as the vehicle in this process.

Sample Results of the Dream Sharing Process

In early 2008 Matthew in South Africa declared a dream to attend a training costing $8000 in the Bay area near San Francisco. He couldn't afford to pay for the dream. He attended the Bay Area training in late 2008 as a result of outside help [obtained in the Dream Sharing process]. In her dream, Patricia Grace wrote a dream of an exercise program to help her lose weight. She wrote the dream at the same time she started the exercise program. She lost 60 lbs in three months. John wrote a dream about attending a four session training at a time when he did not have the money to attend . He received scholarships and donations which enabled him to attend the training. Enough money to enable him to attend the first training came in the day the first training started [why is this sentence impressive?]. A person with severe mental illness was in deep depression on a Saturday, believing she had nothing left to live for. On Sunday [after being introduced to the Dream Sharing process] she had come alive and was working towards her dream. Two weeks later she checked in from a city 300 miles away to report her progress. In another instance a dream of a relationship with deep intimacy and sharing between a couple resulted in a relationship in which both participants experienced levels of intimacy beyond their wildest dreams. One person dreamed of giving her daughter a rainstick for Christmas with absolutely no knowledge of how to find a rainstick she would approve of. Her daughter ultimately enjoyed the Christmas gift. Click here for all the dreams and here for dreams that have manifested.

How to Achieve More Satisfaction by Manifesting and Analyzing Your Own Dream

a)Developing your own dream yourself

You can develop your own dream and analyze your dream free on this site by yourself. The Help pages contain numerous suggestions and support for manifesting your dream. By learning NVC either from a local class, teacher or book, you can develop the necessary skills to get in touch with your needs and experience them yourself.

b)Taking a course in Dream Sharing

Dream Sharing is willing to offer courses in Dream Sharing. No courses in Dream Sharing are currently being offered.

c)Receiving personal support

Dream Sharing is willing to offer personal support support, encouragement, and advice for increasing satisfaction with your life. At the same time, the Dream Sharing staff has needs for support, encouragement, and advice. Dream Sharing is open to receive support in a variety of ways. One way of providing support is financially. We request a payment of $250 for interactions which lead to preparation of the initial dream as published on Dream Wiki. This includes a minimum of one hour personal contact time with a Dream Sharing staff person. The initial session is followed by monthly support sessions at $60 a session. This includes at least 30 minutes of direct contact time. Contact can be provided world-wide in many ways, e.g. in person, on site, video-conferencing, phone calls, or e-mail. We in Dream Sharing are very willing to discuss other ways of assisting both you and ourselves so that all our needs are met.

Publicity Material

Click here for a one page flyer describing Dream Sharing. For a brochure describing Dream Sharing in more detail, click here for the front page and here for the back page.


The process is based on a combination of methods used by Jack Canfield, Barbara Sher and especially Nonviolent Communication (NVC) developed by Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D.Use of these principles is not meant to imply any approval or endorsement by CNVC or Dr Rosenberg.

|Email or call (805) 685-1754 DreamSharing for further information.

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