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Lompoc NVC training


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Holding a NVC training in Lompoc

Dede and John are dreaming of holding a NVC training in Lompoc in 2008

John talks with Dede and a certified NVC trainer about holding a two day training in Lompoc. They are not sure where it will be, maybe the Sunrise ranch, maybe the Community Center, maybe a church or a private home. We see the trainer doing most of the training with John helping out occasionally. Dede sees herself making many calls arranging things like rooms, food, and local publicity . John sees himself writing a proposal to the Fund for Santa Barbara. He enjoys a meal together with the team at the awards ceremony. Twelve people attend the training and enjoy it immensly. The team hears thunderous applause at the end of the training. NVC books are on sale and people buy them. After the training, participants discuss things together and decide that they need to have a practice group in Lompoc. They ask someone from Santa Barbara to come up and facilitate it on a regular basis until they can build enough experience to facilitate it themselves.

We intend that having this training will meet the team's need to make a contribution by sharing NVC , that Lompoc will have its need for learning about peaceful ways of communicating met. In addition the need of the Fund for Santa Barbara to fund innovative programs designed to effect social change will be met.

We are requesting financial support to make this happen. We also request interested participants in North County to provide support

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