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Lily Dreams about a Relationship


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Lily has a dream about her next relationship

Lily sat down and described what kind of a relationship she wants in her life. She wants an relationship with an adventerous fun-loving man who has a subtle dry sense of humor. He is willing to traveL and is bright but respects people with other kinds of intelligence. He is practical, smart but humble about his capabilities. He is about 68 and handles money well and has an income of about $30,000 a year or more. He loves walking and swimming and has a pleasant personality. He has kind eyes and is spiritually open and charismatic. He is physically fit. He is cultured and appreciates literature and advenbtures. He also stays away from drugs and alcohol.

When Lily listens to him talking in a conversation, she feels turned on, She feels good when he squeezes her hand. She loves looking at him when he wears tight jeans and a T-shirt. She also enjoys smelling his body odor when after he has been exercising a lot. She enjoys eating a stir-fry he makes which consists of Rhubarb, Garlic and Onion.

She is asking for a previous lover to return to her in a healed condition and being happy, joyous and free,

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