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Jackal U

Jackal U is an absolutely un-accredited wanna-be university devoted to determining if Giraffes exist. It is founded on the underlying principle of Physics "If you can't measure it, it doesn't exist", It's purpose is to prove/disprove the existence of Giraffes by observing and measuring behavior that Giraffes are meant to possess. Members of it's faculty and student body report their results in the academic literature. Classes are held on-line in a wiki format. Degrees are awarded to students who can demonstrate the recognition and acceptance of their publications by the body of academia, the invisible college.


The Faculty of Jackal U is open to anyone who has a Ph.D. from an accredited institution of higher learning and who has taken more than 100 hours of training from a registered NVC trainer. The Faculty meets in faculty meetings on an e-mail discussion group and uses the methods of Sociocracy to come to decisions and to award degrees

Student Body

Any student who is registered for an advanced degree at an accredited university and who has taken more than 20 hours of training from a registered NVC trainer may register at Jackal U. Registration as a student of Jackal U confers no priveliges at all exept the possibility of being awarded a degree in Jackaldom from Jackal U when the degree requirements are met. There are no fees for being a student. Jackal U and its faculty however rely on donations to keep them interested and in business so donations are strongly encouraged.


The Faculty of Jackal U may decide to award degree at whim and also upon request by using the methods of Sociocracy to achieve their decision. The intention behind the degrees are as follows:

Ph.D. in Jackaldom might be awarded to any student who has been a registered student of Jackal U for at least a quarter and who has published a paper concerning the nature of NVC in a recognized academic journal and received over 20 citations in the Science Citation Index.

M.SC in Jackaldom might be awarded to any student who receives a Masters or Ph D. degree from an accredited unviversity whose thesis is on the subject of NVC and who has been a registered student of Jackal U for at least a quarter.

B.A in Jackaldom might be awarded to any person anwyhere who publishes/writes any document in the public domain under the GNU copyright license which covers measurements of giraffe or jackal behavour in an NVC context.


Classes are initiated and organized by any Faculty member or registered student and are given a topic title to investigate/discuss. The class organizer arranges for a e-mail discussion list and a category title on the Jackal U wiki. Students engage in discussion and at the end of the quarter submit term papers on the wiki. These papers are graded on a curve by the all students registered in the class and the grades published as feedback. Apart from this use of grades, the grades can not be used for any other purpose. The interest and enthusiasm of any faculty members is encouraged by any donations the students might choose to make after the grades are published. The organizer of the class's chief duty is to provide empathy to the students while they do all the work and to provide guidance on request.


If you have any interest at all in joining the faculty, registering as a student, giving a class or taking a class please contact the Acting Chief Jackal Chancellor.

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