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Dissipating Hindrances, Blocks, Jackal Howls, Destructive Thought Forms etc

Frequently when human beings try to accomplish something, we have experience thoughts that come into our mind that prevent us or slow us down from accomplishing what we want to do. These thought patterns are usually acquired in early child hood as a result of environmental influences, usually from the family. Dr.Jill Bolte Taylor in her book,"My Stroke of Insight" recounts how these thoughts started coming back in as she recovered the use of her Left Hemisphere. (Reminder note for author :This section needs expansion.)

While these are just thoughts,i.e. neuron patterns firing in the brain, and may have (and usually do have), not connection with the "real world", they exert a powerful influence on the human being who experiences them and can, and usually do, prevent any action from being take. And it is these actions which need to be taken in order to get closer to manifest the dream.

Examples of these thoughts are ...

"I can't do it"
"I don't deserve it"
"I am not worthy of it"
"It's too much for me"
"Not enough time"

The basis for most ways of dissipating the influence of these hindrances is to bring them up to consciousness (i.e. to make them visible) and to look at them and decide if they have any substantial truth in them. To study them and see if they have any substantial basis in reality. Some methods recommend that they be dealt with by replacing them with affirmations which are the opposite of the original thought form, i.e. building new neural patterns in the brain so that a different response happens when the triggering event occurs.

A number of different techniques exist for dissipating these thought forms. Readers with experience in this area are invited to contribute their own recommendations by adding their recommendations to this page directly. (Click here for help on adding text to this page )

Self Empathy. This is a technique developed by Marshall Rosenberg as part of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and requires a training and experience in NVC

Receiving Empathy This requires the services of a person with experience and training in NVC. Dream Sharing is willing to offer referrals for people with such qualifications in any area of the world.

The Work developed by Byron Katie

Sedona Method as recommended by Jack Canfield

Emotional Freedom Technique, (EFT). This technique can be learned from a professional trained in EFT or out of a book and is based on acupuncture and requires tapping on the body while reciting various statements and is easily learned a practiced.

Clearing, A powerful technique for clearing unwanted mind patterns.

Attitudinal Healing This was a referral kindly contributed to Dream Sharing and of which Dream Sharing has no personal experience yet..

Creative Power of Mind. Creative Power of Mind was a referral that was recommended to Dream Sharing but I am not sure that I have the correct link (jdm).

Support in all the above areas can be obtained from 12 Stars Ministry.

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