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I take five minutes to center myself before my empathy buddy call with “Joe.” I breath in my intention and value of connection, presence, and focus. I breath out tension, alienation, and scatteredness. I focus on my intention to enter into the dance of compassionate conversation that leads to empathic beauty. I sense my need for well-being, hope, and whatever else is alive for me in the moments before the call. I am feeling a mixture of eagerness and calm. The phone rings, and “Joe” is on the other end. His voice is somewhat stressed sounding. He says he is deeply interested in our time together. I call him back and we take care of the charge for the call by entering his credit card information. I ask him what is alive for him. I check in and we begin, questions and guesses at feelings and needs, roll plays, honesty. We end with a moment or two of feedback. I learn and beam with satisfaction at the depth of our connection and “Joe’s” self-connection. “Joe’s” voice is resonant. (Joe is an imaginary person.)

Needs met are well-being, connection, authenticity, and growth. Other needs include presence, inspiration, evolution, harmony, flow, celebration, gratitude, mourning, empathy, cooperation, cummunity, support, sustenance, purpose, contribution, competence, autonomy, self-connection, self-expression, healilng, ease, and trust.

I request that thiryt people go right now to http://www.CompassionPlace.com and forward the link to those who might benefit from empathy buddy calls. If anyone reading this or after visiting the Compassion-Place.com website wants regular empathy buddy connection, I request you call me now at 310-294-3814 or e-mail me at Craig@CompassionPlace.com to set up your appointments.

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