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This is a dream I have of a relationship with a woman who I see as beautiful.

I see myself relating to a woman frequently with warmth. She is attractive and vivacious and loves to be around me. She is very spiritual and has over ten years of clean/sober/abstinent time in a 12-step program and works a strong program, attending at least three meetings a week. She has at least two sponsees and has completed and lives the steps. She also has a love for NVC and we work on using it in our interactions. She is healthy and exercises at least three times a week. She has a warm loving family which invites me to participate in their activities. However she regards our relationship as being very important and often chooses to be with me rather than with her family.She loves travelling and sailing and enjoys train rides. She likes to go with me on trips and frequently travels with me.She has enough money to at least match my life style so that I don't need to support her.

We live together in a house and she enjoys cooking and taking care of the domestic side of things. We each have separate rooms which we can retire to when we choose to and can live independently of each other if things get too temporarily strained between us. Most of the time we love being together and sharing our lives with each other

I can taste the food she cooks and enjoy it immensely. She is intelligent and well-read and we have exciting intellectual conversations and learn from each other.

We both enjoy going to concerts and listening to classical music and Gilbert and Sullivan. She has reddish brown hair and we often enjoy spending the night together and playing around in an exciting and thrilling fashion.

I see myself offering her support, empathy and understanding. I take care of the mechanical and electrical things around the house. We both encourage each other to grow spiritually and use our relationship ot help ourselves to grow spiritually. I also support her in her career/interests and provide the support she needs and asks for.

We both help each other fill our needs for companionship, support, love, acceptance,recreation, creativity, closeness, accetance, consideration, empathy, respect support and understanding, touch, sexual expression, order and peace.

When we first meet and start getting to know each other, she doesn't meet all the specifications outlined above but expreses an interest in meeting all of them and starts taking action to meet them.

But all the above is kinda window dressing and is more like expressing an interest in chocolate icecrean but be willing to eat peppermint icecream if that is what is availible.

I am gradually realizing that the most important thing for me is a willingness and an interest in sharing a concious relationship as described in Chapter 8 of Tolle's book, The Power of Now.

And I am also realizing that the specifications above are just indicators of the needs I have. For example to requirement for participation in AA is most probably just an expression of my need to be around a person who wants to and is being spiritually sober. So really if you can figure out my underlying needs and be willing to satisfy it in some other way, I would most probably be totally happy. Clicking on the Needs below might indicate where I am at with needs.

If you like peppermint ice cream and I like chocolate ice-cream, maybe we can develop a strategy which will satisfy both our needs like developing a chocolate-mint icecream.

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It would be nice if she lives close to me so that it is easy to build a personal relationship

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