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Dream of a Premier


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Dream of the Premier

Anna-Maria and I are standing on the red carpet in a Hollywood theatre, holding hands. She is grumbling slightly that her fancy shoes are uncomfortable. I am chafing a bit with the rub of the tux collar. We are both sweating with excitement and anticipation, beaming like kids all dressed in Daddy and Mommy’s clothes. The poster displayed is of Paul Newman in the lead role. In large letters in the credits section under the title This Old Man is “Written by Cornell & Petricelli.” As he get out of his limousine, Paul is inundated with flashbulbs going off. He walks into the lobby and shakes both our hands warmly, with both his hands. The smell of movie theatre popcorn wafts as a new batch is dumped out. I am ex-hilarated, nervous, proud, and giddy. I can hardly contain my love and gratitude for Anna-Maria.

My main needs for inspiration, respect, acceptance, and connection are met. Other needs met include presence, play, inclusion, mutuality, sustenance, purpose, contribution, creativity, and self-expression.

After the movie screening, Joe Roth asks us to make an appointment to discuss a five movie deal.

I request that ten people commit now to reading our next draft to give us feedback so that it is the best it can be. Please e-mail me, Craig Cornell, if you wish to contact me.

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