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My dream is that Dream Sharing becomes a legally recognized church/non profit(s) devoted to the reduction of suffering throughout the world.

It has two main thrusts.

The first is by using a methodology associated with the expression of desires in the form of Dreams and the provision of mutual understanding and support by members of the Dream Sharin staff and the public.

The other is to share the principles and practices of Nonviolent Communication developed and inspired by Marshall Rosenberg as part of its Peaceful_Communication division .

Dream Sharing is a process in which people,the Dreamers, express their Dreams consciously and process them in a way which leads to more satisfaction with their life. I feel joyful when I connecting to Dreamers as I watch them grow and sense that I have made a contribution to their lives.I encouraging them to grow spiritually by taking more responsibility for their lives. I feel astounded as they start experiencing of more happiness, joyousness and freedom by following the methodology of Dream Sharing. They grow closer to satisfying their needs which are expressed in their Dreams. I feel astounded when they express they express their gratitude in forms which meet my needs for support and autonomy, I hear the clicking of the keyboard as I write material which people want to buy and read so that they can learn. I feel thrilled when I read articles other people have written about the sucess of Dream Sharing as I like being recognized and more people will be able to make use of these principles.

I feel grateful as people who benefit from these services offer donations and feels meet my need for support and make contributions which enable me to develop and maintain my lifestyle.to

As a result of these actions, I grow closer to satisfying my own needs for Contribution, Spiritual Growth, Connection, Companionship and Support.

I use various approaches to meet these needs. Sometimes I offer Individual Support to Dreamers. I also offer a Dream Sharing Class and publish the Dream Sharing methodology. Sometimes I stand in front of large audience and give a Dream Sharing Presentation. The [[Main Page| Dream Sharing website] is a place where Dreamers can express their individual Dreams.

A subdivision of Dream Sharing is its operation under the name of Peaceful Communication. In this mode it shares the principles and practices of Nonviolent Communication developed and inspired my Marshall Rosenberg as part of its Peaceful_Communication division .

This page is provided as a public service by Dream Sharing.

Achieving Satisfaction by Sharing Dreams and Needs.

Click here if you would like to express your gratitude by assisting Dream Sharing in meeting its needs for support.

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