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Feeling Grateful?

Feeling Grateful for the services done by DreamSharing? Are you interested in making a donation?

Would you be like to support Dream Sharing in continuing its activities?

Then please visit the non-Wiki Donation Page.


Dream Sharing does not charge for its services as it operates on the principle of only receiving money freely given.

You may make donations in a number of ways.

You can give something to some-one else as an expression of you gratitude for these services. DreamSharing supports the concept of interdependence and is appreciative of any support action you take for anyone else. DreamSharing just loves Paying it Forward.

Please give just the right amount that suits you. By giving a donation you will be assisting in Dream Sharing meeting its needs for support to continue its operations and service.</p>

You can send a contribution via Paypal to treasurer@dreamsharing.net.

Or you can send cash or a check payable to Dream Sharing to... Dream Sharing c/o John Mudie 6647 El Colegio Rd #B225 Goleta, CA 93117

or you can give money to the nearest beggar.

Legal Matters Dream Sharing is a wanna-be non-profit organization but hasn't done the footwork yet to achieve this status so is currently operating legally as a sole-proprietorship. Any donations made currently into the company funds and are used to directly support the operation of the business.

An accounting of the funds received and spend will be available soon.

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