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In late July of this year, a dream I entered began successfully manifesting over about three months (see: WALKING DREAM), culminating in a 60 pound weight loss and a wonderful sense of accomplishment and joy. In recent weeks it's become clear that this dream needs some re-working as my physical abilities have changed. Therefore, this DREAM OF A NEW PATH.

* * * * * * * *

OBSERVATION: Three days a week I am either: (1) taking long walks to the beach overlook (as my knees permit), without needing my hiking stick as a cane but only as a pleasant companion because it is also a flute that I play as I enjoy watching the ocean, birds, lizards, and such; (2) swimming both above and under the water, doing rolls, and other "acrobatics"; or (3)biking (as my knees and lower back permit) and seeing by the meter how much faster and longer I am able to go each time. Two days a week I am taking a Pilates class, and gradually becoming capable of lifting both legs at the same time when seated, and generally lifting both legs (especially the right) much higher and doing more reps. Seven days a week at each meal: I am eating in the way I know from long experience is most healthful for me: high protein and very low-carb (e.g. a bacon cheeseburger without the roll and sugar-free jello; scrambled eggs and a small bowl of plain yogurt). In the mirror I see myself looking even thinner and standing taller. I note, too, that my clothes are getting even looser, especially around my hips. I also hear my friends asking how much more I've lost.

FEELINGS: happy; centered; energetic; grateful; renewed; secure

NEEDS: beauty; acceptance; exercise; safety; inspiration; well-being

REQUEST: From others -- Encouragement, and gentle inquiry if I seem to be having trouble. From myself -- Self-empathy when the jackals start circling.

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