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Contractors and ADMHS


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A Dream of improving the relationships between Contractors and ADMHS

A coyote dreams that there will be an improvement in the relationshhips between Contractors and ADMHS

A contractor of services to Santa Barbara County Alchol Drug and Mental Health Services (ADMHS) sits in a room at the Employee University Buldings. He feels the heat from the room and the warmth emitted by the other contractors in the room around him. A member of the ADMHS Executive team is discussing the current state of the budget and the need to improve the services to the severely mentally ill in Santa Barbara County. The room is brightly lit and the contractors eyes hurt from the bright light. He squirms as he feels the hard chair under him.

Suddenly he startles and becomes alert. He is hearing the executive compliment the contractors saying how much the Department values the co-operation and services offered by the contractors. He hears the exwecutive saying how much he/she has valued the services and cooperation offered by the contractors. The executive is saying how he/she is gradually realizing that the contractors can offer services much more effectively and cheaper than the department itself and is looking for ways to inrease the amount of funds contracted out even though that may cause cuts in the Department. He/She is asking the contractors to see if they can devise ways to attract employees from the Department so that the Department can reduce their staff with a minimum of opposition from the unions and in such a fashion that Department Staff will welcome the cutbacks.

The contractor sighs with amazement and relaxes as he feels the recognition coming from the Department and beging to anticipate the future with hope. His needs for respect, appreciation and cooperation are being met.

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