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Compassionate Leadership 08 Reunion


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The intention of this page is to express the feelings and needs associated with the concept of a possible reunion of the Compassionate Leadership 2008 training.

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The structure of this page is that each person has the opportunity to express their own vision of a re-union of the 2008 Compassionate Leadership class. The Compassionate Leadership class consisted of 28 ? participants who attend four four days trainings at  ?. These trainers were led by Rodger Sorrow, Kathi Aichner, Jim and Jori Manske and were facilitated by Jeanie Northsinger. A subsequent follow up training is called Compassionate Leadership Training 2009.

Individual dreams and needs


I feel a thrill and hope about a reunion of some kind as often as possible. The joy Anna-Maria (wife) experienced at Sumaya's Thanksgiving gatherting still resonates with needs met for connection, fun, communion, and growth. I anticipate something similar with a different flavor at our next reunion. I sense a mourning that more have not been able to attend, but have a deep connection from the matrix of my being to each one not physically present. I am hoping that we can include technology such as Skype video and/or audio conferencing. I will always hold a place deep in my heart for each of my dear friends met at CL08 and am overflowing with gratitude and tears as I attend with all those who are willing and able.

With Love, Craig the Jumbo Giraffe


John wants for find it convenient and low cost. John wants learning, connection and empathy. John feels warm and he reconnects with the members of CL08. He also feels tears coming out of his eyes as he receives empathy about his life situation. He feels thrilled as he listens to others making contributions by teaching him new idea sand learns valuable lessons. . He feels grateful as people acknowledger the contributions he has made. He enjoys the convenience of attending the reunion at a cost he can afford easily and relishes the warmth of the room as he participates in the conference.

Possible Strategies

Craig would love to develop a video conferencing capability. This meets needs for our connection and also needs for conenction with others as his offerings of support spread.

John sees it being done by Video Conferencing as a way of meeting needs for convenience and low cost.
Maybe meeting in Joe's shed in San Diego. There will be a meeting around Joe's place Jan 17 and Jan 18. Contact Joe for details.

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