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mental, sometimes emotional process of comprehension, assimilation of knowledge, which is subjective by its nature

Understanding maybe two faces close to each other, one talking, one nodding. Or could it be two people across a room smiling knowingly at each other. Or maybe it's some one reading a book written by some one else and smiling and nodding as the words hit home. Or maybe its a one person stroking another person and the recipient purring in delight at the recognition of love and caring offered and received. Or maybe its a teacher grading a paper and recognizing from the correct answers he is reading that the student has understood the teaching he offered has been understood. But clearly understanding has to happen between at least two people. That there is agreement concerning the information exchanged. And clearly successful information transfer can be acknowledged by a sought after emotional response, a smile, a grin, a nod , a wink. And lack of understanding carries with it the unwanted emotions of confusion, despair, sadness maybe even anger and shame.

Needs have to be met in order in order to be met at all. But to meet a need for understanding, the need for communication must be met first.

In order to be able to meet needs for co-operation, the need for understanding must be met first.

So the need for mutual understanding can play an important role in a persons life.

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