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Calming Communication


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'Dream Sharing,'


The intention of Dream Sharing is to bring more satisfaction with life to it's staff and to the people it serves.

How does Dream Sharing work

Dream Sharing is based on an idea attributed to the Navajo. At night, before they went to sleep, villagers would share their dreams and agree on a unified dream and then go to sleep and dream this dream. They believed the dream would manifest later.

In Dream Sharing , people declare dreams and then uses a Process to explore the nature of their dream and support it's manifestation. Dream Sharing is currently supporting a number of dreams and has successfully supported a number of manifested dreams. This page describes a dream which Dream Sharing is actively supporting its manifestation, the dream of Calming Communication.

The Calming Communication Dream

I hear people connecting with each other by sharing observations, feelings, needs and requests with each other. As they do this they become more understanding of each other and connect and open up to each other. As the understanding grows, their need of expressing themselves violently (verbally and physically) goes down. I see graphs of numbers showing the use of seclusion, restraints and injuries in treatment facilities drop as the use of NVC is encouraged. I experience myself doing a lot of traveling as I go from institution to institution introducing MVC to organizations, Initially it is by car, then by train and eventually flying, I find myself greeted warmly by the people I visit and they express their interest in implementing these strategies of NVC by signing contracts with me. I find myself enjoying meeting with NVC trainers who actually deliver the NVC trainings to the institutions I visit
As word of the success of NVC in reducing violence spreads throughout the mental health community, I find myself being contacted by other institutions and provide consultation to them on how to introduce NVC into their systems.

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