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Attending Robert Gonzales’s Needs Conference


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The sun glistens off of Lake Elsinore in a thousands sparkling diamonds. Anna-Maria and I discuss our intentions for the Needs conference in February 2009 that we are driving toward. She enthusiastically comments that she wants to take this opportunity to further her personal journey into Nonviolent Communication as a tool for greater self-connection and connection with others in the foundations level of the conference offerings. I am thrilled with the prospects of deepening my dance with the deeper spirituality of human needs and values in the intermediate sessions. The dry air is balmy, the perfect temperature for comfort and alertness. We have turned off the 15 freeway following our trusty Google map. After a few twists and turns, it is a delight to see the sign over a gated driveway “Glenn Ivy.” We check in and go to our room, which is plain but inviting. We enter into a heart opening ritual with a hug and chant “hring.” As we traverse the different aspects of the learnings each evening is full of a sublime and energetic exchange. Our needs for stimulation, learning, and con-nection are met. Other needs met are presence, evolution, harmony, flow, celebration, mourning, understanding, cooperation, community, mutuality, support, purpose, contribution, empowerment, self-connection, self-expression, clarity, learning, healing, peace of mind, ease, and trust.

I request the $3,700 as the tuition and board for Anna-Maria and I to attend the Needs conference in February of 2009. To make a contribution toward this dream of attending the February Needs conference, write a check to Craig Sones Cornell with a Note “Needs Conference” and mail it to PO Box 7000-42, Redondo Beach CA 90277-8710. In order to avail us of the early registration discount, the checks need to be mailed on or before December 28th 2008.

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