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Attending Compassionate Leadership 2008


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I am dreaming of walking through the entrance of the POVERELLO OF ASSISI RETREAT HOUSE four times and breathing a sigh of relief as I enter a Franciscan environment once again. I love Brother Francis and even adopted a role as a Franciscan Friar when I volunteered as a docent at the La Purissima Mission years ago. In the retreat center I see myself greeting personally people who I have only met over the phone until now, Jori and Jim and see myself talking GCC organizational stuff with them. I hang around the people I know and love, Jeannie, Rodger and Kathi and learn just by being around them I can feel the grass under my feet as I hobble around the lawns in the first retreats and then later, walking freely with bare feet, I wander across the lawns and sometimes lie down and read a book.

The food tastes real good and I retreat at night to my private room and quietly absorb the happenings of the day. Occasionally I leave the retreat center at night to attend a local meeting.

I will happily be exposed to the advanced trainings of NVC but more importantly be exposed to people who are practicing NVC in their daily lives and learn from them how to live in a more G------- like fashion.

I feel my car vibrate gently under me as I drive to and from the retreat center listening to speaker tapes. My car runs well, it is a pleasure to drive and I drive safely. During the drive I relax and sometimes drink Diet Coke to help me stay awake.

The costs of the retreat have been taken care of. I paid my deposit and other people, mostly outside the NVC community have generously made contributions to cover the full cost of the retreat and mileage.

I feel a sense of anticipation as others have expressed an interest in my sharing the training with them and I have been offered some venues to share the training and people have mentioned the possibility of my receiving a trainer"s fee even though I have offered to do the trainings on a donation plus direct costs basis.

I have been awarded a scholarship of $3450 and intend to do some work exchange (like registering people) in return. But my lodgings and transportation still need to be paid

I need at least $1200 and transportation to allow me to be able to attend this training. More would help me pay for some of the tuition costs.

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