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This is my dream of a relationship with a beautiful woman

The bottom line is I want to build a relationship with a woman who is into awareness practices and who is willing to spend time communicating closely to me and sharing her awareness practice.

What is also important to me is that she has read Power of Now by Tolle and is interested in exploring the idea of a Conscious Relationship as expressed in Chapter 8. Other books that inspire me are Conscious Loving by Gay and Kathylyn Hendricks and The Future of Love by Daphne Rose Kingma. I think that her interest in this kind of stuff is very important to me as it gives the possibility that we can work together to support each other in growing spiritually

The woman I would love to love would relate to me with the warmth and vivaciousness she has with her own family. The woman who will grab and hold my heart would be very spiritual, have at least ten years ob sobriety in some form or another and is an active participant in AA with me. I would greatly appreciate a woman with knowledge of NVC, who exercises regularly and would join me in my plans to continue traveling and sailing.

Having her own independent source in income is important to me so that we may live our dreams in a self-sufficient manner. I envision myself doing all the normal male things, like taking care of her Honey-do list, while I bask in the aroma of delectable wonders she is preparing in the kitchen.

We both enjoy going to concerts and listening to classical music and Gilbert and Sullivan. We are both well-read, love exciting, intellectual conversation and are endlessly willing to learn from each other.

I believe some privacy is important in any relationship, so having own space at home is also important, but mostly I just would like us to share our lives in companionship, support, love, acceptance, recreation, creativity, closeness, acceptance, consideration, empathy, respect support and understanding, touch, sexual expression, order and peace.

If you are interested in exploring the possibilities of such a relationship with this dreamer, would you be willing to e-mail DreamsSharing Support. Should I add this? One of my quirks is that I am very fond of reddish hair, as above so below, as I have some profound memories in that area.

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