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A Giraffe looks at Brain States


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A Giraffe looks at Brain States

A friend of mine sent me a link to a presentation by a brain scientist, Jill, who had had major stroke. As I sat and watched this 20 min long video on my computer, I felt enthralled as my interest in understanding spirituality from a scientice viewpoint ws being satisfied in spades. What I saw her talking about was two halves of the brain which thought in different ways. When the left hemisphere stopped working due to the stroke, her right brain took over and she went into a super-giraffe state of mind.

"All I could perceive was right here, right now and it was beautiful". "My soul was as big as the universe and frolicked with glee in a boundless aea".".. an unforgettable sense of peace pervaded my entire being and I felt calm". "I was not capable of deliberating about past or future related ideas..". "I had forgotten about my job and all the thing in my life that bought me stress -and with this obliteration of memories I felt both relief and joy"

Her left hemisphere lost almost all functioning during the stroke, she couldn't even talk.But as she recovered she helped restore its operation. As I read her book My stroke of Insight I saw her describing the rebirth of our jackal side. She got into thinking about time and the fear of future and regrets about the past started happening again. She felt isolated and separated from everyone else. She was only concerned about herself, in short her jackal side started re-appearing.

So I felt real happy as I recognized that our Jackal behaviour and our Giraffe behaviour may be just two sides of the brain operating. I really liked being able to understand a little bit more about Giraffes and Jackals.

But then I felt curious about what happened in the Empathy process. Could it be explained too in terms of brain states I wondered.

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